Abortion Law Reform a great opportunity (…for abortion providers to expand their businesses)

I have just sent off a submission from Women’s Bioethics Alliance (WBA) to the Queensland Law Reform Commission’s review of abortion laws. WBA is a group of women concerned with critiquing the exploitation and abuse of women’s bodies through medical practice. Abortion practice is definitely one of those areas in which women are extremely vulnerable to exploitation. Most terminations in Queensland are provided through private practice and law reform (aka removing abortion from the Criminal Code) will serve only to protect practitioners who will get paid for relieving women of their children. It is a serious concern for us that advocates and researchers are frequently suggesting ways to reduce the standard of care in order to expand ‘availability’ and ‘access’. Medical abortion via telehealth for Aboriginal women in remote and regional areas? You’ve got to be kidding. What are women’s real needs? The research is clear, and we know because we’re women too. Freedom from violent, abusive relationships. Employment and education institutions that allow women to have their babies. Housing affordability. Men who commit. Freedom from sexual exploitation.  Let’s hope the Commission can make some real changes for women. Perhaps mandating abortion clinics to connect women with independent counselors who aren’t just going to rubber-stamp terminations, but instead provide real assistance. Maybe screening for abuse, coercion, mental illness, and women struggling to make ends meet or to cope. And even more amazing, doing some serious inquiring and policy work into supporting women to be mothers.

WBA submission Qld Abortion Law Reform 13-02-2018

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