About Me

I am an accomplished researcher and writer, having 19 years of experience in researching, writing and speaking about public health, bioethics, women’s health and more. Efficient, productive, intuitive, motivated, versatile; I am eager to investigate any area of health and sociology.

The breadth of individuals’ personal experiences are of great value to me, along with published scientific evidence and the perspectives of others who have thought, learned and then written. I endeavour to be both an independent and an innovative thinker.

Here are a few of my past project in which I learned a great deal:

2008: Faking It: I conceptualised, researched, wrote and launched a magazine-style research paper on women’s image in popular magazines. Faking It sold more than 15,000 copies and continues to sell. It addresses a wide range of concerns such as body image, sexual objectification, mental health and eating disorders. To launch this book I presented at public events in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Toowoomba, Launceston and Hobart.

2007: I was part of an academic team that designed and reported on a major public opinion poll about Australian attitudes to termination of pregnancy. The results demonstrated a very nuanced view held by the majority of Australians that has previously been unrecognised in public debate about pregnancy. I also researched and wrote a literature review of reasons for choosing termination of pregnancy and some of the psychosocial outcomes for women after termination.

2005: I was a Founding Director of Women’s Forum Australia, a think tank dedicated to women’s health and well being. As a team we built a support base, held many public events, advocated for women and girls, and produced high quality research publications on the themes of body image, sexual objectification, pregnancy outcomes, and work-life balance.

Over the years I have studied and written about many other things including genetically modified food, reproductive technology, surrogacy, sex trafficking, aged care, dementia, and more.

I hold a Bachelor of Health Science from Adelaide University. I also hold an Associate Diploma of Music (Pianoforte) and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management. I am a certified reviewer through the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) to conduct Comprehensive Systematic Reviews of quantitative and qualitative literature. Using the fantastic cutting-edge tools developed by JBI, I hope to contribute to evidence-based healthcare over the next few years in the area of public health.

Some testimonials from people with whom I have worked:

“Selena is quite a unique individual in many ways… she is able to work at an extraordinary speed, digesting complex material, interpreting it, melding it with her own creative thinking and then producing high quality written work. Selena is also a talented verbal communicator. She has presented at conferences and various public events, showing a capacity to tailor her message to the audience, whether specialists in their field or the lay public. She is hardworking and diligent, and manages time extremely well… she has the highest integrity and will be absolutely honest and trustworthy to a fault.” Dr Gregory Pike, Manager, Ethics and Biosafety, Deakin University. 

“I have worked closely with Selena Ewing in a professional capacity. She has exceptional research and professional writing skills. I can thoroughly recommend her for research, writing, scoping documents and various articles. She has excellent attention to detail and conducts herself with a very high level of professionalism.” Giulia Jones MLA, ACT Shadow minister for Women, Mental Health and Multicultural Affairs.