My mission is to make sure your readers engage with your work, understanding your message without the distraction of errors.

Editing and Writing

Academic and non-fiction editing

I love editing, because I get to learn something new while also perfecting someone else’s hard work. Send me a sample of your work, and I can give you a quote. Or email me so we can discuss your project and how I can help.

Copy Editing (est. 4c per word): Using an agreed-upon style guide, I will make sure your spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalisation, and lists and tables are consistent and correct. I will correct expressions that are unclear, confusing, or clumsy. I will correct repetitive, ambiguous, or redundant language. I will clarify terminology and abbreviations.

Substantive Editing (est. 8c per word): I will rewrite sentences that are unclear, confusing, or awkward. I will ensure logical flow of text and consistency within the document. I will cross-check citations and references according to the style required.


I would love to be part of your writing project. I do ghostwriting, literature reviews, parliamentary submissions, reports, briefing documents, blog posts, and more. Email me so we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

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