I am always grateful for positive feedback from my wonderful clients and colleagues!

“Selena Ewing’s capacity for detailed, difficult and in-depth research, writing and editing makes her an invaluable resource. I’ve had the privilege of benefiting from Selena’s research work, and precise English composition, and seen the results her work produces. I can commend Selena’s capabilities to anyone who needs research, writing, or editing tasks done thoroughly and painstakingly. Selena is a joy to work with, follows guidance to the letter, and takes on the most arduous of research tasks with good spirit and a sunny outlook.” (Dr Caroline Norma, RMIT Global, Urban and Social Studies)

“I have had the privilege to work closely with Selena Ewing on a number of book projects. I can attest to her professional skills as an editor/copyeditor and her incredible diligence to work within tight deadlines. Moreover, I have been most impressed with her grasp of complex matters and her ability to greatly improve a text. I highly recommend Selena Ewing and hope to be able to work with her again in the future.” (Dr Renate Klein, Publisher, Spinifex Press)

“Selena provided timely and helpful feedback and editing on a high level academic document for me. It was clear Selena took the time to understand my topic in-depth. She was also able to offer insights to how the writing might be improved with additional reference material. I will use Selena’s services again and highly recommend her work.” (Dr Debbie Garratt, Director, Garratt Health Services)

“As a former colleague in an academic research setting, I am still in awe of Selena’s tirelessness, attention to detail and enthusiasm for research. Selena is the kind of person you could throw literally anything at, and receive an intelligent, considered, and insightful response in reply. She will genuinely care about your research and bring out the best in your paper or dissertation.” (Zac Alstin, Writer/Philosopher)